Tomorrow I'm going to throw a watermelon off the roof of a five-story building just for the hell of it.

The exploiting classes try to immortalize false worldviews to affirm and strengthen their domination.


Turn about is fair play.


He has collected twice as many stamps as I have.

At the time, Japan was faced with a host of diplomatic problems.

Wrap the pastry with a banana leaf.

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Kanthan has a choice to make.

What do you think of censorship?

Not all the students were present at the class.

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They played in the climbing gym.

Are you telling me you've never studied French?

Please send us more details.

Gregory suggested it.

Would you like to leave a message?


I'm watching TV.


I only hope that the rain holds off for a few hours more.

We just got to first base.

Shean washes clothes at least once a week.


They're tears of joy.


The girls went fishing today. Alla caught a big one.

How nice to see you again, Jos.

Sanjeev was lenient.

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He is returning to this town.

Revised looks like he's happy.

They seem to care.

She's wearing hair curlers.

I thought Darci would be disappointed in me.


Your parents would've been proud of you.

Subra despises Donald.

She doesn't look happy.

He's urinating blood.

He likes to kick back with some music on.


There is a good chance of him having a girlfriend.

He has fully recovered and can already work again.

Manuel suggested that we cancel the meeting.

I mostly do not want to think about anything anymore.

You're comparing apples and oranges!


I am smiling at that little girl.


Don't take it lightly.

That's quite simple.

You like your life, don't you?

I'll give it a try, but don't get your hopes up.

Harvey retired from public life.


Can you guess the price?

Jon nodded in agreement.

Can I see you again?

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Marcia said nobody had been injured.

That's how Izchak died.

I need him to know that.


One wonders how it's possible.

Holly just stood there watching everybody dance.

How was work today?


To paint a bird, start by painting a cage with an open door.


Tharen stood looking out one of the windows.


Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.

By and large his experiment was successful despite his lack of money.

Through fear or pride, he made no answer.

I guess I'm a little tired.

Would one of you please tell me why I can't join your club?


I'm sure I've met Kayvan before, but I can't quite place him.

You will help me!

The police car was driving at fairly high speed.

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This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

You're quite a skilled negotiator.

His uncle died five years ago.


I feel empty inside.

This is a nice neighborhood.

Can you blame him?

Joanne is stalking me! Help!

How did you find the keys?

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You are a pain in my neck!

There's someone waiting for me outside.

For all his efforts, he was not paid well.

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Everett seems to believe that he's the centre of the universe.


I am translating an article.


Many people say that the gut is always right.


I want you both to get them.

When he comes in, give him this book.

I will never set my foot there again.


Don't forget to switch off the light in the hallway before you leave.

Although English is not his first language, he speaks it impeccably.

I was a teacher for fifteen years.

Physics is concerned with only the simplest cases.

He was deep in debt and had to part with his house.


The truth is that he is good by nature.

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Would you like some more tea?

You're not going to get in trouble for helping me.

Are you free on Wednesday?

I am worried about him.

Give her some privacy.


I have no words to thank you.

This bridge was originally a toll bridge.

These patterns show you how to make sentences.

They were kids.

Why didn't Uri just tell me the truth?

He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Get your ass in there.

You said it was urgent.

I visited him a week ago today.

What will you be doing at this time tomorrow?

He didn't come to work with his car.

Shall we start the meeting now?

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

This is out of the blue, but has everybody once felt 'looked down upon by young folk'?

The water became muddy because of the rain.

It is unfortunate that our mayor has brought fame and shame to Toronto.

With a big man it's hard for the blood to get up to the brain.

He has enough willpower.

Norm made an ace.

Mike eats out almost every night.

Erick didn't realize he had his sweater on inside out.

If you're interested, I'll add your name to the list.

He melts copper.

Where's the nearest bank?

"When will you be here?" "I'll let you know."

She got away from us by walking slowly.

Pardon me, I didn't know you were still there.

How did you do it so quickly?

We have to drive the enemy out of our land.

Who could it be?

Myrick asked for more money.

Jones isn't my enemy.

The child burst out crying.


I went to bed later than usual.

They had stickers on their cars reading: "First Iraq then France".

Be on your guard against pickpockets.


We'd better go help them.

Don't act surprised.

What you're looking for is in a box in the basement.


The same force spread over a smaller area will produce more pressure.

You should have introduced yourself to the girl.

Don't mess with fire.

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Chili powder is often used in Indian cooking.

A crowd gathered on this street.

Advance two steps.

Jianyun became anxious.

Music is a universal language.

You look awesome.

Cuzco lies about 3,500 meters above sea level, and you can still see many Incas there.


This work can be finished in half an hour.

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Boeing developed a flying boat for the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

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It's my CD, isn't it?


We've made our decision.

It snowed all day yesterday.

I'll need you to be there.

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You can't cling to the past.

Dan had three thousand flying hours.

You should trust your gut instinct.

We are eating dinner outdoors.

Sumitro wants everyone to get out of here.

Rathnakumar and Gregor counted the ballots.

I never imagined that my skills as a lawyer would be used to defend Glen.


Can you give us a hand over here?

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Have you had lunch?

I didn't mean any harm.

Do you think that's going to help?


Sekar has written to me.